fundamentals of mindfulness

We provide you with the key elements to bring mindfulness into your life.


SESSIONS: 8 | WEEKS: 8 | COST: $450 (plus GST)

Some special rates for those on low or fixed incomes. Contact us to learn more.

During this eight-week workshop, we look at setting full attention on the breath, on emotions, on pain and on thoughts. We do this through exploring various meditation approaches. These are the week by week topics and questions you will be learning about.


1. A new way of relating with our body

Settling in. Body Scan. How long are we required to practice for benefit? Mindfulness of eating. What can we expect from this practice?  How to find the best posture position for formal practice. Om Work.

2. a radical shift in the way we see our world

Extended body scan.  The nine-dots exercise. Mindfulness of Seeing. How is the body reacting to this new relating? What changes are occurring in the senses, hearing, smell, touch, thought? How do we bring mindfulness of eating into our daily lives? Om work.

3. A deeper understanding of the body on the move.

Introduction to Qi Gong. Elements of yoga, and how that fits in with our mindfulness practice. A deep and meaningful engagement with the breath. Metta, or loving kindness meditation. Committing to this new relationship. Om Work.

4. How to ride the waves of emotion (without falling in)

Finding the anchor of the breath. Practice, practice, practice. What are emotions, and what do they want? Identifying the emotion. Finding the associated physical sensation and developing a new relationship with that. Identifying common pitfalls to avoid. MIndfulness of the unwanted. Metta. Om Work.

5. Mindfulness becomes unhinged – choiceless awareness

Find the anchor. Unhooking from our attention of the breath, and allowing whatever arises to just come as it will. Identifying and relating to what is tossing us off awareness of the breath. The hindrances – desire, aversion, sloth and torpor, restlessness and doubt.

6. Bringing presence into our world

Standing meditation. Walking meditation – posture, pace, direction, and intention. How to become at ease with bringing this moving meditation into our day. Developing a new relationship with walking, while using the breath as an anchor. Finding places to practice. More yoga. Metta. Om Work.

7. Bringing our practice into a day-long session 

Exploring the practice of noble silence. Deepening our relationship with the breath, with yoga and the body scan. Checking out those limits and discern how to break through them. Mindfulness of communication. Lots of practice. Metta. Om work.

8. Taming the Beast: Befriending Thoughts

Setting awareness on thoughts. When is this possible? Depersonalizing thought. Seeing a story as simply that, a story. Setting awareness on thought. Practice, practice, practice.


We are at Endless Shore Yoga and Meditation, at 2570 King George Boulevard. The studio is a great setting, allowing us to accommodate 15-20 people per class. We have a marvelous covered deck overlooking Sunnyside Park. 


Would you rather learn the skills of mindfulness at home?

We can arrange that. If you have quiet space that would seat up to 10 people, we can arrange to bring mindfulness classes to your home each week.

If you live in the area of Delta, Langley, Surrey or White Rock we would need a minimum of six attendees (excluding yourself) at the sessions. If you live in Richmond, Vancouver, or other cities north of the Fraser River, we would require a minimum of nine attendees, not including yourself.

This works best for people who are home bound, because they have kids or other commitments. As the host of the event, your attendance would come at no cost. Give us a call at 604.307.7726, and we can discuss available times.

Our next courses start in the following locations and times:

South Surrey: Starting Wednesday, Sept. 11 at 7 p.m.

Live Online: Starting Saturday, Sept. 21 at 10 a.m.

Contact us at to find out more or to secure a spot.