Unraveling the Knots of Anxiety

Anxiety is a powerful and determined force. We can change the hold it has on us.


SESSIONS: 5 | WEEKS: 8 | COST: $599 (plus GST)
During this eight-week workshop, we undertake a head-on approach to becoming at greater ease with our moments of anxiety. By changing our relationship with those moments, we can change greatly how they affect us. We also include a day-long retreat (six hours), where we deepen our practice. 


1. Building a new relationship with anxiety

How is it that we can observe our anxiety, rather than run away? A central component: the breath. Watching all things without judgment. What to do when thoughts arise. How to be completely okay with whatever is happening, right in this moment. Building a foundation of practice. Making a commitment to bringing ease to our lives.

2. Introduction of yoga as a way of overcoming anxiety

The yoga tradition. How this can be used to rest with our feelings of overwhelm. An entry point to deeper meditation. Building on our practice of equanimity. The body scan. Using both body scan and yoga for our meditative practice.

3. knowing ourselves

Learn how to journal our behaviour, rather than turn away from it. Without judgment, Watching for the signs of anxiety arising. Cultivate compassion for ourselves in every respect. 

4. avoidance and distraction

How much of our lives are we missing to avoid our triggers? Distraction – effective in the short term, but not over time. How many small distractions equal one big one. Continued writing exercise.

5. facing and observing

Befriending our emotions by recalling uncomfortable emotions, understanding how to listen to our emotions and why we have them. Continued writing exercise.

6. Clearing up Muddy emotions

Making things clear with exercises in monitoring. Reactions to our responses. The cycle of anxious responding and the addition of compassion and care. How to play it safe, take control and be mindful.

7. Day-long retreat

Gather for a six-hour day long retreat. Practice more in-depth yoga. Work in a richer sense with our body scan. Explore new ways to observe our emotions, without getting caught up in a story. Mindfulness of eating. And more.

8. coming to terms

Acceptance of emotions. Willingness to accept the good with the bad. Detaching from our thoughts and setting the course for change. Understanding the folly of the story.

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