Still Here Mindfulness Teaching Basics


8-week mindfulness course through Still Here or another MBSR recognized organization

One retreat

One year personal meditation experience


Train health professionals, clinicians, educators and coaches in the Still Here Mindfulness method of teaching. 

In the course of that, we would explore many of the root underpinnings of mindfulness, gaining a grasp  of the origins of what  we teach.

Through the course of this we will examine the best practices of trauma informed mindfulness.

We will explore teacher competencies, as laid out in the Oxford TAC, via the Mindfulness-Based Interventions-Teacher Assessment Criteria (MBI-TAC)

We will become deeply acquainted with the good science backing (and debunking) some of the claims made about mindfulness.

We will explore avenues to discover our own strengths and weaknesses as mindfulness teachers.

Approach to Teacher Learning

In this course, we take participants in the Mindfulness Teaching Basics through an eight-week course, where they sit as both teacher and student.

We meet before each of the classes to talk about what we will be watching for in class, how we should be examining it, and what we could learn from it.

During the class, participants will blend in with the regular eight-week class, but will be taking “mental” notes of learning objectives.

We then gather after the class, and discuss what challenges, questions or offerings may have come up in that two-hour class.

We will examine the highest competencies of academic feedback, setting up an environment where we can best learn.

While this shouldn’t be considered the endgame in teaching, it will set down the core foundations in becoming a mindfulness teacher.

Continued self assessment will be a critical component in creating a fertile soil for learning to teach.


Expect to develop a strong understanding of the mindfulness theory on  which Still Here Mindfulness is developed and delivered.

Begin to sculpt language appropriate to the highest level of mindfulness teaching.

Learn to lead meditation practices, through  many of the delivery methods adopted by Still Here.

Understand the medical benefits of a well-practiced Mindfulness Based Intervention.


Deepen your own mindfulness  practice.

Show a  growing embodiment of what you are going to be teaching.

Understand the core tenets and origins of what Still Here Mindfulness is built upon.

Participants will be able to offer introductory sessions about the eight-week course on successful completion of Still Here Mindfulness Teaching Basics.

Course Overview

This first portion of the Teacher’s path is very much a “lived experience” of learning, with students taking the core practice and building a teaching practice that will be very much their own.

Students will be gently guided by the teacher, but will learn primarily through the rigour of self evaluation and assessment of fellow students.

This assessment and guidance will take place within the framework of Still Here Mindfulness practice and ethos.

Upcoming courses

Dates and Locations

Sept. 11, 2019

Endless Shore Yoga and Meditation

2570 King George Blvd.

Surrey, BC

Financial commitment: $700 (plus GST)

Those who meet the qualifications and are interested in entering the Teachers’ Pathway, should contact Still Here Mindfulness at