Teacher Training

Becoming a mindfulness teacher is an extremely rewarding, but difficult, pursuit.

Knowing that this is the best direction truly requires a deep self-knowledge. It is the kind of knowing that’s felt right down to the bones.

If you feel that’s the case, becoming a teacher is likely a good fit.

Becoming a Still Here Mindfulness Teacher requires a life-long dedication to your own practice, self discovery, and sharpening your skills in conveying that to an infinite variety of students.

We have found that the best teachers have a finely tuned understanding of their own personality, behaviour patterns, strengths and weaknesses, abilities to relate, and recognizing your own body as a roadmap to their own understanding of mindfulness.

This process will include:

  • Ongoing self-inquiry and a daily practice of mindfulness meditation

  • Continued silent retreats, even after becoming a qualified teacher

  • Training in mindful hatha yoga and other awareness practices

  • A commitment to the core principles of mindfulness teaching

The roadmap through Still here includes the following:

An eight-week MBSR mindfulness course

Silent, teacher-led retreats of seven days or more

Still Here Mindfulness Teaching Basics

Still Here Teaching Intensive

Still Here Mindfulness Practicum

At the end of this, one becomes a Still Here Qualified Teacher, and is able to lead students through an eight-week mindfulness course.