mindfulness at work

We offer programs tailored to help employees manage their workplace stress.


Perhaps one of the most novel applications of mindfulness is how it can change our workplaces. Studies show that 80 per cent of people feel stressed and overwhelmed at work. This is much higher in higher-stress professions, such as law, medicine, teaching, etc.

By introducing mindfulness practices, we see reduced stress, anxiety and depression with an increase in overall wellbeing, sleep quality, focus and productivity. Over the past decade, companies such as Apple, Google, Nike, Deutsch Bank, and Aetna have adopted mindfulness into their workplaces.

Aetna ran bio-metrics before and after a pilot program of 289 staff. They reported a 28 per cent reduction in stress, a 20 per cent increase in sleep quality and a 19 per cent drop in chronic pain. Staff were generally happier at work, and showed an increase in weekly productivity of 62 minutes per employee. Aetna found in 2012 that it saved $9 million in reduced sick time. The findings were studied, peer reviewed, and found to be accurate. Other companies incorporating mindfulness are finding similar results.

Of first responders and other high-stress professions, the evidence of mindful resiliency training is convincing. Nonreactivity, learned through mindfulness, produces positive outcomes, and reduces burnout.

At Still Here, we have several offerings for businesses of different sizes and types. We offer workshops, which can be tailored for each business setting. We also offer a robust, business-focused six-and-eight week courses. Contact us to find out how we can benefit your place of work.


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