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We believe in enjoying life as it happens now and teaching others to do the same.


Chief Mindfulness Officer

Kevin Diakiw

Kevin Diakiw began meditation in 1974 with hopes of eradicating his childhood epilepsy. While it didn’t do much for his condition at the time, he fell in love with the peace and ease that came with the practice of meditation. He made it a life mission to bring that level of emotional comfort and heightened awareness from the cushion into his day-to-day life. In the 1990s, he began following the zen teachings that showed him how, using a practice known as mindfulness. He took classes through the University of Massachusetts in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR).

In 2004, Kevin began teaching mindful meditation groups.

He has since become a Qualified MBSR Teacher through UMass Medical School in Amherst and is also Certified CISM (trauma work) through the Justice Institute of B.C.

Now with a team by his side, he is bringing mindfulness to students, government teams and corporate customers, who seem equally eager to implement the teachings.


Qualified Still Here Mindfulness Teacher

David Marshall

After a workplace accident, David was unable to control his pain medically. After a recommendation to try yoga, David found it was meditation at the end of the sessions where he discovered immense pain relief, that was happily non-medical. His practice also resulted in a huge reduction in stress, which was caused by his thoughts and accompanying anxiety, fear and depression. Gaining greater clarity as a result of the practice, David changed careers, becoming a front-line worker with at risk youth, for the B.C. Ministry of Children and Families.

In 2012, he focused his practice on mindfulness to bring that sense of ease into his day-to-day life. In the spring of 2016, Marshall joined Still Here as a facilitator because of its delivery of teaching and mission to make this practice available to everyone who wants it. 


COACH: Mind-body

Paula Carlson

Paula is a recovering journalist who discovered the power of mindfulness and meditation during her decade-long yoga practice. She was born and raised in Vancouver and has worked in the fast-paced news industry for the past 25 years. She first hit the ground running as a reporter and went on to hold the position of editor at The Surrey-North Delta Leader until the recent closure of the paper.

During her career in an ever-changing high-stress environment, Paula was able to find stillness and a sense of calm on the yoga mat. Her practice led her to Still Here, where she experienced the positive results of incorporating a daily meditation schedule. While still ambitious, deadline-driven and caffeine-fueled, Paula has learned that life’s often overwhelming pace can best be tamed by a journey inward and making time to just be.