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Stress, anxiety and depression are some of today’s most prevalent maladies.

That’s why we are Still Here.


One in four people will suffer from chronic anxiety in their lifetime, with the same facing the black dog of depression. Doctors in the U.S. estimate 60 to 90 per cent of their patients come to them due to a disorder partially caused by stress. And these problems can be greatly lessened through some simple practices.

Some of the greatest efficacy of mindfulness practice is the reduction of stress, anxiety and depression. At Still Here, we have taken some of the existing Western practices and reinstalled some of the ancient techniques to develop an entirely unique approach to mindfulness. We bring it to consumers, businesses and institutions in person, an approach we believe has the greatest chance of success.

Our core consumer offering is an eight-week course in the Fundamentals of Mindfulness, giving our clients the basics to begin a successful practice. We offer modules exploring much deeper techniques to address things like anxiety, depression, chronic pain, effective communication and the like. We also bring mindfulness to businesses and institutions, where employees are becoming much more productive, while experiencing reductions in stress and increases in sleep quality as well as a general increase in a sense of wellbeing.

Mostly at Still Here, we are looking to dismantle some of the preconceptions about mindfulness. It is no longer just the realm of monastic practitioners, hippies, yogis or clinical therapists. Peace, ease and clarity brought through mindfulness practice is for everyone. We give you the tools, show you how to use them, and you can be the judge of how important mindfulness is in your life.

Our students are reporting back that mindfulness has become a vital part of their lives. Come out and give it a try. We believe you’ll leave wondering why you hadn’t tried it sooner.

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