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What our clients have said about their experiences.

Crescent Housing continues to see huge benefits after creating a mindful workplace with the help of Still Here.

Surrey Coun. Mike Starchuk hadn't slept through the night for 15 years before taking Still Here's mindfulness course. He now says he feels "human again."

– Mike Starchuk, Surrey City Councillor

Surrey Councillor Judy Villeneuve says she was impressed with the instruction during Still Here's mindfulness course, which showed her ways to settle her mind.

– Judy Villeneuve, Surrey City Councillor

Stuart Zukerman of Zukerman Law Group speaks of how his litigators and clients are benefitting because he hired Still Here to help him create a mindful workplace.

– Stuart Zukerman, Zukerman Law Group, Surrey

Kenneth Craig, associate lawyer at Zukerman Law Group, has learned to view the world from a more positive perspective after taking Still Here's mindfulness course.

– Kenneth Craig, Zukerman Law Group, Surrey

Claire Dubross has been struggling with chronic pain, but has found some relief through being with the discomfort in a mindful way.

– Claire Dubross, Surrey

"Though I've always had an interest in meditation, I'd never gotten anywhere with it other than reading a few books on the subject. After attending the 8-week mindfulness course I now not only have a solid daily meditation practice, but I am able to remind myself throughout my day, whether at work or at play, to be fully present for the experience. The experience of the present moment. That is where true peace can be found. I am now experiencing joy in simple everyday things. Thanks to Still Here, I will spend the rest of my life in the practice of living mindfully."

– Bruce Doucette, Surrey

“You have been a wonderful coach who helped me explore different aspects of my life. I enjoy my practice and have felt change as a result of it. The present is a good place.”

–Jaret Peterson, Surrey

“I joined Kevin’s mindfulness class because I knew meditation would improve my life. I was not sure how but the people around me who were calm and at peace all seemed to meditate some way in their life. To my surprise, the most noticeable improvement came in my sleep.  I meditated before bed and at the end of the meditation I was so relaxed I did not need a book, phone, or TV show to put me to sleep. Moreover, my sleep was uninterrupted and I felt energized each morning. I could not remember the last time I slept without having to get up to go to the bathroom. If you have trouble sleeping, I would consider giving this a try.”

Manny Dhaliwal, Surrey

“I love this meditation! I have been doing it almost daily for the last few weeks and I’ve noticed a huge difference in how I’m responding to people, particularly those I’ve found ‘difficult’ previously. I don’t know how Metta works but it does!! The fact that it is short, means I can fit it into my day easily too.”

–Smallsairy, Lancashire, UK, Metta Meditation

 “Thank you Kevin for this made an amazing difference to my chronic pain levels! I was shocked how well it worked! I will use this often and my heartfelt gratitude to you for giving my body the break it needs.”

–Phyllis, Victoria, Pain Meditation

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